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Bailout at 22,000 Feet
The last Flight of RB-29A - Tiger Lil
Issue 37/Page 24     Issue 37/Page 25

"From High School to Gunships"
Patrick J. Coakley, Chief Warrant Officer 4 (Retired) U.S. Army
Issue 38/Page 24

"Pop-a-Smoke - We're Coming"
Marine Chopper Pilot's transmission to the "Grunts" on the ground
Issue 39/Page 22

"Snoopy's Nose" and the "Crossroads"
River Assault Squadron 13 - Division 131 - Mekong Delta, Vietnam 1968-69
Issue 40/Page 22       Issue 40/Page 23
Vero Beach Resident - Yorkie Lover next survivor?

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